Leonardo Bonucci. What is hidden in the transfer of the best defender of our time

Not so long ago, Bonucci changed residence and now stands for Milan. What this transfer promises is unknown. It is possible that everyone can lose from this transition.

If you look at Ramos, then this football player can safely be handed a lifeguard license, but Sergio can not always restrain his temperament. Because of the lack of coolness in defensive actions, he often failed his club. If you take Pique, at times he does absolutely ridiculous things, which, in the performance of other players, he often derides in his Twitter. The strength of Hummelsya is difficult to assess in the championship of Germany, because there are not many worthy opponents. However, recently, the most reliable football player of the defensive plan is precisely Bonucci. He perfectly feels the whole game situation, can hedge a partner and read the actions of an opponent. Defender on the forces to make an accurate transfer to any point of the field, such a playmaker can only dream Guardiola.

And then this confusion and the agent Leonardo quietly attached his ward to the camp to collect money “Rossoneri.” At what “Milan” athlete got almost nothing. After all, 40 million at current prices, and even for such a level of defender – it’s just a ridiculous amount.

The media believe that the change of registration from Bonucci is the result of disagreements in the final confrontation of the Champions League, when the skirmish between Dibala and Alves began in the locker room. Leonardo decided to stand up for the young player and started a fight. In addition, Barzagli reminded the defender of the unpleasant moments associated with Allegri, when Leo was not included in the application for a duel with Porto. Perhaps the reason is not in this, but the main version is as follows.

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