Allegri called the most dangerous player of “Real”

The helmsman of the “old lady” said that he knew the key performer in the “creamy” camp. Massimiliano talked with the press and walked on the composition of the “Real”. Recall that tomorrow will be the main match of the current season, which will face Juventus and Real Madrid. Allegri believes that the most dangerous player in the camp of the opponent is neither Bail nor even Ronaldo, we are talking about Kazemiro.

“In the media, it is often said about who will release Zinedine – Isko or Baila. However, this is not important. The main force of “galaktikos” is Kazemiro. He is the “foundation” of the team. It is he who manages to keep the balance. Call it technical would be silly, but this player performs the necessary functions for the club on the field. Since he moved to Real Madrid, the team has changed a lot, “- quotes Allegri Marca.

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