Kilian Mbagpe: if you do not get to go to Real Madrid, then I’ll stay at Monaco

Forward “Monaco” has already chosen the team in which he would like to speak. The young Frenchman liking “Real” and the player informed the management about their preferences in favor of the Madrid grandee.

“I want to play for Real Madrid, if I do not succeed, I’ll stay in Monaco,” Kilian Marca said.

If you believe the source, the player is not sure of the correctness of such an early transition. Mabppe doubts that the transition to such an eminent club may not be entirely appropriate, because he is still too young. Yes, and the helmsman “creamy” said that if the transfer occurs, the Frenchman will give a year for rent.

The father of the player is more disposed to the transition of his son to PSG.

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